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Buy show tickets with your EuroBonus points

SAS EuroBonus members can now buy tickets to spectacular shows and events with their EuroBonus points.

EuroBonus is continuing to expand the rewards you can enjoy with your EuroBonus points to include a wide range of events in Sweden. You can buy tickets to events and pay using your EuroBonus points or a combination of points and a credit card.

Golden Hits, Alcazar – Disco Defenders, Sällskapsresan, Körberg and Dalle are just a few of the entertaining shows on offer via Showtic. At Biljettforum, you can buy tickets for concerts by stars such as Veronica Maggio and William Spetz or plays such as En man som heter Ove.

Shows and entertainment events are listed under EuroBonus/Spend points on SAS’s website. Tickets are limited, so it’s first come, first served. And later in the year, SAS EuroBonus will offer event rewards in Norway and Denmark.

Text: Agnes Sundblad Elverfors

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