Photo: Brad Torchia
Photo: Brad Torchia

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Eat like Frank Sinatra in Palm Springs

Frank Sinatra wanted things his way. And these were the restaurants he likes in Palm Springs.

Melvyn’s was one of Frank Sinatra’s favorite hangouts in Palm Springs. Photo: Brad Torchia


Melvyn’s was one of Frank Sinatra’s favorite hangouts in Palm Springs. In 1976, he asked Melvyn’s owner Mel Haber to host his pre-wedding dinner for wife number four, Barbara Sinatra. Mel Haber and his maitre’d Brian Ellis are still around to greet dinner guests with anecdotes of Frank Sinatra and show you the bar’s “Sinatra Corner”. There’s no shortage of Frank Sinatra pictures on the walls and you can still order his favorite meals – like Steak Diane, which is prepared directly at your table the way Frank Sinatra liked it. You can also get the Sidecar drink, which he sometimes enjoyed by the pool.


The signs of Sinatra is everywhere. Photo: Brad Torchia

The Purple Room

Dating back to 1960, this bar has kept its swanky atmosphere of the past when it was one of the Rat Pack’s favorite hangout places. Frank Sinatra is said to have proposed to his fourth wife Barbara Marx in the bar.


Purple Palm Restaurant

The restaurant in Colony Palms Hotel is named after the Purple Gang mobster Al Wertheimer, who opened the hotel in 1936. Frank Sinatra and the Rat pack helped make this poolside bar infamous. Order the “Purple Palm Burger” with chipotle onion jam.


Text: Tina Jøhnk Christensen


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